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Spirit House

Spirit House can be many things:

a resting spot for the spirit, with the familiar elements providing orientation and sustenance;

a tool for meditation;

a reminder to see spirit in nature;

an invitation for the spirit world to inhabit the material world;

a point of departure for a journey into the world of spirit through the elemental portal that speaks to you in this moment

Spirit House will be included in "The Elements" exhibition at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition gallery, 481 Van Brunt St., Door 7, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

 April 30 to June 5, 2022

 This show was juried by Scout Hutchinson, Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Empty Nest

Empty Nest

2021 brought many changes to my family. In March my son moved out of the home he’d lived in since he was five years old. He’d moved back in after college but was finally able to find a job that enabled him and his sweetheart to find a place together. My daughter, back home from college due to COVID-19, moved into an apartment in August to be able to go back to in-person classes. Her girlfriend, who had been living with us due to the pandemic as well, was the last to leave before my husband and I uprooted ourselves from Massachusetts, our home for 40+ years, and moved to Maine. Our old home was empty.

We are a little blue without our children. We were fortunate to spend much more time with them at this stage of their lives than we would have normally, because of the pandemic. There is a ray of sunshine piercing the sadness, though, as we all move onto new adventures.


On view in the Cambridge Art Association's Members Prize Show at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery, 25 Lowell St, Cambridge, MA. Juried by Beth Kantrowitz.

March 29 to April 16, 2022

Empty Nest