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Artist Statement

Weaving using basketry techniques feels primeval both in the sense of belonging to an immensely early period of human history and as well as instinctive. This instinct, only recently surfacing in my consciousness, has provided a means of expression that was inaccessible to me in the past. I thrive on the connection I feel with the natural world and ancient peoples as I weave, while striving to connect with a modern audience with my commentary on personal, societal, and environmental issues.


A recurring theme in my work is containment – keeping things under control, contained, safe, regulated, in a vessel, and then sometimes, not – letting them go, letting them break free, explode forth. I like to consider interior and exterior spaces, the hidden and the revealed, the personal and the societal.


Materials often determine the content of my work. A moderately obsessive collector since childhood, I keep items that I think I will find a use for: broken umbrellas, used kinesiology tape, empty pill bottles, remnants from reed baskets, old clothes and fabric scraps. Who knows what stories I can tell with my collection? I’m still figuring that out.